Planter Sponsors

The Sheffield Neighborhood Association would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our Planter Ambassadors ($375 and above) and our Planter Friends ($50-$374).  We are eternally grateful to each and every one of these people for helping us with our Sheffield Beautification Program.  We are overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and your generosity.  This program started as a seed, and it blossomed into something beautiful. Thank you!!

Planter Ambassadors

Alderman Brian Hopkins
Jennifer and Paul Gunning
Ann and Chris Redgate
Jim Gramata
Anne and Scott Davis
Jimmy and Emily Flaherty
Anthony and Laurie Dombrowski
John and Marcia Volk
Art and Elaine Margulis
Jon Ekdahl and Marcia Opp
Art Effect
Kathryn Bixby and Kieran Brown
Bob and Jo Birkmeyer
Kathy Deane
Canfield Family
Kelly’s Pub
Cheryl LeeVan and David and Christine Hirsch
Laury Lewis and Nancy Bradt
Christina Swindells
Lincoln Park Merchants Association
Cinnamon Malone
Linda Goodman
Melissa and Brad Seiler
Daniel and Anita Mauro
Nancy and Stratford Shields
Daniel Egel-Weiss
Park West Cooperative Nursery School
Denis Harrington
Patrick and Judith Casey
Glascott and Associates
Randall and Fiona Royer
Glascott’s Groggery
Ray Capitanini in memory of Richard Minto
Grant and Michelle Ley
St. Vincent DePaul Church (Fr. Jeremy Dixon)
Hilliary and Keith Szanto
State Restaurant
Inge and Otto Teske
Stephen Smith
James and Amy Goody
Steve and Barbara Wolf
Jan and Rick Bail
The Cryobar
Jeannie and Tom Lawson
Tracy and Justin Ward

Planter Friends

2 Point Perspective Architecture and Interiors
Janet Brookman
Beth and David Tulipan
Susan Strunk and Terry Finkel
Carol Wolk Interiors
Thomas Lamprecht and Katherine Germino
Catherine Diggins