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Help Keep Our Neighborhood Clean

We have received numerous emails from neighbors about dog excrement on the sidewalks.  Please remember to pick up after your dog.  Leaving behind your dog’s excrement attracts rats and can spread diseases.  It is not only the neighborly thing to do, it is the law.  City Ordinance 7-12-420 states, “No person shall appear with a pet upon the public ways or within public places or upon the property of another, absent that person’s consent, without some means for the removal of excrement; nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet . . .

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

Here are some auto theft prevention tips from the Chicago Police Department, Preventative Programs/Neighborhood Relations.  Always lock your vehicle and take your keys; never leave a spare set of keys in the vehicle, such as in a magnetic box, above the visor, or under the hood; always park in well-lighted areas; make sure the windows are tightly closed when parking your vehicle; keep all valuables and packages out of site (i.e.

Holiday Safety


  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • When walking, choose bright, well-traveled streets, and never walk alone
  • When parking, always choose well-lit areas, and store your valuables out of sight
  • When shopping, never leave your purse or packages unattended
  • Engrave valuables
  • Keep accurate records such as dated receipts, warranty cards, photographs, etc.
  • Please report any suspicious activity by calling 911
  • Stay informed, and attend your local beat community meetings