2019 Annual Meeting & Year in Review

2019 Sheffield Street Festival






The Sheffield Street Festival will host
different live bands throughout the
weekend, with a big selection of talents,
styles, and genres. Come and rock out
with  some of Chicago’s favorite cover
bands and original artists playing your
favorite tunes!

This year we will have an acoustic band,
a Beatles tribute band playing all their top
hits, a Tom Petty tribute, a Yacht Rock
cover band, and much more!


Visit more than 100 beautiful
neighborhood gardens on a self-guided
tour. Guidebooks, which contain the map
and textual descriptions of the gardens,
are available at the Garden Center on the
lawn in front of St. Vincent de Paul
Church with a $10 donation.


2019 Sheffield Street Festival website

2019 Annual Meeting & Awards Night "Best Ever"!

On Tuesday we held our Annual Meeting & Star Awards Night and despite the weather and ice the room was packed with members and guests, award recipients and honored and distinguished guests including

  • Alderman Michele Smith, 43rd ward alderman for eight years as our alderman, joined by her husband Leah Weber.
  • Alderman Brian Hopkins, 2nd ward Alderman in his fourth year who lives in Sheffield with his wife Colleen and young son, Ryan. 
  • For Congressman Mike Quigley,  Erica Reardon congressional district policy advisor 
  • For State Representative Ann Williams, Chief of Staff, Carter Harms was present
  • Commander O’Shea, our new 18th District police commander was present and we were honored to welcome him
  • Cook County Commissioner Bridget Degnen, 12th District was present and we are so glad she represents Sheffield
  • Father Jeremy, pastor of St Vincent DePaul Parish, long time partner of SNA at our Annual Sheffield Garden Walk. 
  • St Josaphat Principal Nel Mullens and SJS Vice Principal Jen Kowieski who were both present 

SNA President Jim Gramata introduced Alderman Smith followed by Alderman Hopkins. The following are a summary of the meeting minutes:


Alderman Michele Smith-

SNA supports neighborhood schools.  

She has always supported keeping families in the neighborhood.

She appreciates the good work that the Sheffield Neighborhood Association 

Alderman Hopkins-

He is pledging his sponsorship for the 51st Garden Walk.

SNA is very involved in the Lincoln Yards process, and he appreciates their constructive criticism. SNA is doing its job in representing our community.

The community survey and meetings were an important part of the process.

The process is not done yet.  There are many more approvals that need to be obtained.

Removing the soccer stadium and entertainment district came directly from neighborhood feedback.

Sterling Bay and partners spent over $1 million in developing those concepts, and were not happy to have them removed.

Traffic studies will be examined closer as a next step and any other issues that come up.

Hilliary Szanto:  The Board of Directors

The Slate of Officers was presented: 

Hilliary Szanto made a formal motion to approve the Slate. The motion was seconded by John D’ Antonio. The motion was approved unanimously.

First of all a BIG thank you to all of our neighbors, SNA members, spouses, children, family and friends for all coming out on a cold icy night. We had weather warnings but we still had a packed house. 

Lisa Elkins:  The SNA Educator of the Year Awards

The Educator of the Year Award’ was established to honor those who go above and beyond to make the Sheffield Neighborhood schools excellent.

The 2019 Honorees are:

Oscar Mayer School:

Ms. Dylan Veal   (Early Childhood- Pre-school/ JK/ K)

Ms. Dylan has a calm and positive demeanor that nurtures and encourages growth. She has a great sense of fun yet maintains a strong work ethic amongst her students. The pride they exhibit in their work and the care they show for each other is in no small part due to her values and guidance. They have an excellent role model in her

Ms. Bridget Mora  (Early Childhood- Pre-school/ JK/ K)

Ms. Bridget is incredibly warm, supportive and loving toward her students. She makes them feel like school is their home away from home. She goes above and beyond to understand each child's unique gifts. She not only teaches children to have empathy and compassion, but she also truly leads by example.

St. Josaphat School:

Katie Prahin-  School social worker

Schools are responsible for supporting the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of student, and Social Worker, Katie Prahin , makes a significant difference in the lives of students and teachers within the St. Jos community..  

From anxiety to bullying, executive functioning to divorce, Katie guides students through life's many challenges with a calm, nonjudgmental, kind approach that makes all students and teachers turn to her with their questions and concerns.  

Anne De Leonardis is a vital part of the St. Josaphat School Junior High team  

In addition to her teaching duties- she coordinates the eighth grade trip to Washington DC (including fundraising), she helps prepare students for Confirmation, she leads the school's Drama Club, and moderates the Future Business Leaders of America.  She also coaches cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring.   Anne gives her heart and soul, not to mention time and talents, to the St. Josaphat School Community.

Lincoln Park High School:

Shavonne Perry, Security Staff

John Johnson, Security Staff

John Johnson and Shavonne Perry are security staff members who have gone so far above and beyond their role.  Both have given a great deal of their own time to establish mentoring groups for our students who need additional support.  They have formed strong relationships w many students that have resulted in improved academic and social outcomes.  They have also collaborated with many teachers and support staff to expand the reach of their mentoring groups. 

Laury Lewis:  The Sheffield Star Awards

Sheffield Star Awards were established to honor those who contribute to the neighborhood.

The 2019 Sheffield Star Awardees are:

Mario Scarlata, owner of Mario's Place (Southport and Fullerton). He has been in business for over 25 years and has been a good friend to SNA. He has contributed haircut certificates for Spaghetti dinner raffles and is a supporter of the Garden Walk.


Max Schneider, a Sheffield resident with 2 kids at Oscar Mayer School, has become the unofficial Mass transit coordinator for the many cars dropping off their kids at school. He has been doing this for several years and is there, rain, snow, cold or shine. He is also active as the Treasurer for the Trebes Park Advisory Council.


Sister Mildred Ryan from Little Sisters of the Poor is celebrating 50 years of service to that organization, most of which was spent at the facility in Sheffield. She has experienced an awesome life taking care of the elderly. Sr Mildred was recently reassigned to her new position in Arizona. We will miss her but wanted to recognize her years of service and dedication to our community. Happy Golden Jubilee Sr Mildred!

Dee Kang, owner of Dee's Restaurant, has been on Armitage Avenue since 1983. She is a caring person who has supported the Sheffield community with her generosity in sponsoring planters as well as donating food to Sheffield functions.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients and thank you all for making our community a better place for all. 

I would like to thank my entire board of directors and officers for your continued dedication to our community and association mission and I thank you for your service, dedication and collaboration in our efforts.

OFFICERS (one year term)                 DIRECTORS (terms expire 2021)

President – Jim Gramata                              John D’Antonio

First Vice President - Ted Wrobleski             Ann Redgate

Second Vice President - Laury Lewis           Hilliary Szanto

Treasurer - Randy Royer                              Gabbie Littleton

Secretary - Lisa Elkins


DIRECTORS (terms expire 2020)             DIRECTORS (terms expire 2022)

Brian Comer                                                      David Bassin

Laurie Dombrowski                                           Carolyn Klarquist

Beth O’Shaughnessy                                        Holly Panter

Dr. Steve Smith                                                 John Roberts


I challenge the new SNA slate of officers and board of directors, as well as all of our community leadership, elected officials, teachers and faculty, and each SNA members and beyond to be brave enough to care about our community and our neighborhood.

SNA will strive to continue to be good and to do good to as many people as possible.  Because our big and small acts can make all the difference. Indeed they already have for over 60 years in our Sheffield community. Let’s continue that tradition together as we move forward into 2019 and beyond.