2019 Sheffield Street Festival MUSIC LINEUP!

2019 Sheffield Street Festival






The Sheffield Street Festival will host
different live bands throughout the
weekend, with a big selection of talents,
styles, and genres. Come and rock out
with  some of Chicago’s favorite cover
bands and original artists playing your
favorite tunes!

This year we will have an acoustic band,
a Beatles tribute band playing all their top
hits, a Tom Petty tribute, a Yacht Rock
cover band, and much more!


Visit more than 100 beautiful
neighborhood gardens on a self-guided
tour. Guidebooks, which contain the map
and textual descriptions of the gardens,
are available at the Garden Center on the
lawn in front of St. Vincent de Paul
Church with a $10 donation.


2019 Sheffield Street Festival website

New Festival. Same Weekend. Same Location. Think Local

As most of you know our former Sheffield Music Festival & Garden Walk (SMFGW) has been unsuccessful in recent years and has not generated enough revenue to support our associations' mission.  It was with great scrutiny, research and decision that our board voted not to renew the contract with our events management company in 2019. The festival and its model and brand have been terminated. 

The losing efforts of our board and our partners made the decision simple. We could not afford nor sustain our association if we continued with that festival and that business plan. 

Early this year we began researching alternatives for raising much needed revenue for SNA now that another year went by with zero additional dollars added to our accounts from SMFGW. Should we continue with the festival given there are so many in the city we compete against? How would we supplement our mission with alternative revenue sources should we decide not to have a large event? After so much internal communications, meetings, conversations, iterations, research and internal constructive debate our association has decided to try a new approach. This new approach will be on the same weekend as it has in the past but this new event will be very different.   It will focus on all that is special and local in our Sheffield community and in our great City of Chicago. Local artisans, vendors and businesses coming together on the streets of Sheffield to have fun and raise money to support or local mission of improving our community. 

It will be local. It will focus on our tradition of closing down the busy Sheffield Avenue and putting up tents, bringing in local food and craft beers and local Goose Island beers and craft beers brewed within a few short miles of our festival site. We have over 30 local artisans who will be showing off their local wares in the setting of our festival site. Yes we will continue showing off our local gardens and our local architecture.  We will be hosting tours as we have in the past and we welcome you to please include your garden in our Sheffield Garden Walk whether it is a small garden or grand garden all are welcome in this community building event. See below for more details or sign-up here. 

The Sheffield Street Festival will host different live bands throughout the weekend, with a big selection of talents, styles, and genres. Come and rock out with some of Chicago’s favorite cover bands and original artists playing your favorite tunes! This year we will have an acoustic band, a Beatles tribute band playing all their top hits, a Tom Petty tribute, a Yacht Rock cover band, and much more!

Friday, July 19, 2019 

4pm – 5:30pm || Kevin Presbrey

5:45pm – 7:45pm || Pearl Jam Tribute Chicago

8pm – 10pm || Louder Now (Taking Back Sunday Tribute) 


Saturday, July 20, 2019

2pm – 3:30pm || Acoustic Band

3:30pm – 5pm || Fletcher Rockwell

6pm – 7:45pm || Big Suit

8:15pm – 10pm || The Ron Burgundy's


Sunday, July 21, 2019

2pm – 3:30pm || Acoustic Band

3:45pm – 5:45pm || American English

6pm – 8pm || Southern Accents 

For more information on the new SNA Festival event please go to our NEW WEBSITE with more details on the festival, the Garden Walk signup, the Music, the Kids/Family area and much more. 


Please mark your calendars for July 19th, 20th and 21st and help share the news with all of your family, friends and affiliates. We are open for business and ready to welcome the thousands of visitors we hope to see including you on that weekend.