Community Support drops for Lincoln Yards

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CHICAGO — A new public survey reveals that community support is diminishing for the proposed Lincoln Yards development. Conducted by the Sheffield Neighborhood Association, the survey shows a significant drop in support for the development compared to a previous survey conducted by Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) this summer.


Our SNA survey continues to pour out important information on community input on the current Lincoln Yards proposal. Here is one recent patch article which outlines the significant drop in support from an earlier 2nd Ward survey with a double digit decline in support. 

Visit this page for the full article

While some of the shift of community opinion in the SNA survey moved to the 'neutral' category, almost half — 46.7 percent — of the 883 respondents either "did not care for" or "hated" the current Lincoln Yards proposal.

Gramata said he thinks there are two possible explanations for the discrepancy between the surveys: a growing nervousness among the public over a lack of proposal details, and the reach of the SNA survey, which was nearly twice the size of the 2nd Ward one.

"Without any kind of traffic and congestion studies, without clarity or even basic details about infrastructure improvements, without any information on project funding and who is paying for what, without any site plan nor master plans, without sequencing details or a timeline of the planned development, it is making the majority of people very nervous and concerned," Gramata said.