NEW SNA Survey on Lincoln Yards: Please Voice your Thoughts & Concerns!

2019 Sheffield Street Festival






The Sheffield Street Festival will host
different live bands throughout the
weekend, with a big selection of talents,
styles, and genres. Come and rock out
with  some of Chicago’s favorite cover
bands and original artists playing your
favorite tunes!

This year we will have an acoustic band,
a Beatles tribute band playing all their top
hits, a Tom Petty tribute, a Yacht Rock
cover band, and much more!


Visit more than 100 beautiful
neighborhood gardens on a self-guided
tour. Guidebooks, which contain the map
and textual descriptions of the gardens,
are available at the Garden Center on the
lawn in front of St. Vincent de Paul
Church with a $10 donation.


2019 Sheffield Street Festival website

NEW SNA Survey on Lincoln Yards: Please Voice your Thoughts & Concerns!

The board of the Sheffield Neighborhood Association has created and is now distributing for responses a more detailed survey regarding the Lincoln Yards development proposal in the North Branch Corridor. We were so proud that SNA by far had the highest response rate to Ald. Hopkins survey and we’d like to hear from you one more time in order to gather a more in-depth look at community insights from what you’ve seen so far in their proposal. In just a few days we have already received almost 200 responses and the results are very detailed and very interesting. TAKE THE SURVEY - 

Deadline to respond will be September 4, 2018.