SNA Lincoln Yards Community Meeting Survey Results

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Here are the top 10 community concerns based on the ranked results of our survey:


#1 Congestion mitigation & traffic impact

#2 Master Plan & vision of development

#3 Open Space and Riverfront Access

#4 City of Chicago should hire an Independent Traffic consultant to conduct an overall Traffic Impact Study

#5 Infrastructure funding details & taxpayer burden

#6 Proper Environmental Cleanup

#7 Make public total development fees contributions from Sterling Bay and the City of Chicago

#8 Limit density bonuses to improve traffic impact

#9  Land-use & Programming solutions

 #10 Sequencing and phasing of the entire Sterling Bay development vision in Lincoln Yards

Below is a link of some of the information we compiled from our recent survey on the proposed Lincoln Yards development in the North Branch Corridor.

Please use this link to access our survey results

It includes a slide deck of the presentation, a top 10 and top 30 list of our community concerns from the almost 900 respondents who participated in the survey. It also includes the open-ended questions almost 400 people took the time to write including the communities top concerns, what should be accepted, changed and rejected based on what we know so far. At our meeting last night we only had time to talk about the top 10 survey concerns but all 30 questions we asked are of importance and should be reviewed and discussed with Sterling Bay as well as the hundreds of concerns. 


I hope this information we collected will be further reviewed and studied by others too including area community groups, community leaders, area residents and the media. I hope too someone will continue to review the data and report on what the community stated in their responses both qualitatively and quantitatively. There is much more to be analyzed and much more to be discussed in a transparent and open community forum.


We have shared this information directly with Sterling Bay via their reps and hopefully it will be helpful to them as they continue to move forward with their design. We will continue to discuss these concerns with them. We are hopeful the information from this survey will help lead them towards a more balanced development solution which our community can support and which ultimately will be more successful for them.


A live stream of our meeting is available on our Facebook page here. 

Facebook Live video of the presentation 

Thank you again to everyone involved. Your responses were amazing and your concerns were heard.

Jim Gramata, President

The Sheffield Neighborhood Association.