Support Friends of Mayer Magnet School

2019 Sheffield Street Festival






The Sheffield Street Festival will host
different live bands throughout the
weekend, with a big selection of talents,
styles, and genres. Come and rock out
with  some of Chicago’s favorite cover
bands and original artists playing your
favorite tunes!

This year we will have an acoustic band,
a Beatles tribute band playing all their top
hits, a Tom Petty tribute, a Yacht Rock
cover band, and much more!


Visit more than 100 beautiful
neighborhood gardens on a self-guided
tour. Guidebooks, which contain the map
and textual descriptions of the gardens,
are available at the Garden Center on the
lawn in front of St. Vincent de Paul
Church with a $10 donation.


2019 Sheffield Street Festival website

Oscar Mayer Magnet School, located in the Sheffield neighborhood on Clifton, between Belden and Webster, is the only CPS school offering a powerful combination of Montessori, International Baccalaureate and Fine Arts to foster intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and global citizenship for all students age three to grade eight.  This year, CPS’s budget cuts targeted these specialized, fundamental programs, but Friends of Mayer (“FOM,” the parent-and-community fundraising arm for the school) was able to reinstate that funding, thanks to the incredible support of local businesses, community support, and committed parents.  At a time when schools across the city have had to make tough budget decisions, losing sports or art or foreign language or specialty programs like IB or Montessori, Mayer Magnet has cut nothing because FOM filled the gap.  In order to keep all programs in place next year, they anticipate needing at least $600,000 from FOM to fill Mayer’s operating budget gaps.  Please consider a donation today to stand with the community to support our neighborhood school by clicking here.  Celebrate the season with FOM for a Fall Fest after school on Friday, September 25.  Meet on the blacktop to learn about all of the exciting, collaborative things they have in store for the 2015-2016 school year.  You can learn more about the great opportunities offered to children outside of their classrooms and ways in which you can support the school and get involved.  The Fall Fest is the perfect way to jump into the action